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5th Year Assembly Notes on Return to School Monday 15th March

5th Year Assembly Notes on Return to School Monday 15th March

5th Year Assembly re: Return to school 15/3/21

  • Back on Monday, March 15th
  • Will be glad to see all of you in person.
  • Regardless of your level of engagement with tuition it is essential you attend in person from Monday.
  • School will be open at usual time and buses are running.
  • Canteen will be opening on Monday and there will be breakfast for all.
  • We are asking you to remain in the canteen area or the corridor down to Mr McDonalds Office or outdoors. No other part of the school should be accessed until 8.55am and at all break times. We have limited supervision so it is essential you remain in assigned areas of the school
  • We strongly encourage you to remain outside as much as possible
  • There will be no tutorial. Instead you will go straight to your first class at 9am. Registration will resume on 12th April.
  • Covid rules and procedures- more important than ever.
  • You must wear your facemask, properly, at all times, except when eating. We ask you to sit while eating, do not walk around eating and with face masks down.
  • Absolutely no access to B and C floors before 1st class and during break times.
  • Social distancing- is very important, especially when sitting at breaks, eating etc.- should be 2m apart when masks are off.
  • Sanitising stations should be used regularly
  • One-way system must be followed at all times.
  • Wear your full and correct uniform
  • Notes required if signing in late or leaving early.
  • Not ok to leave at lunchtime if your friend has a car- potential for serious health and safety issue here.
  • As Senior Students we expect utmost compliance form you to ensure we all remain as safe as possible
  • We have ordered reusable masks with school crest and as soon as they are delivered you will all receive one.
  • If you are not feeling well or if you have been told to restrict your movements or if you have been out of the country - do not under any circumstances come to school.
  • If you are not following covid procedures, you will be asked to go home. If on your return you are not complying with the Public Health measures in place for the safety of all it is likely a suspension will follow.
  • We need to look out for one another and work really hard to keep the school open by following the guidelines and preventing Covid outbreaks in the school.
  • All returning students are required to submit a return to school form stating they do not have Covid 19, have not been advised to restrict their movements and have not been out of the country in the previous 14 days.

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