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Arrangements Orals March 2021

Arrangements Orals March 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian and 6th Year Students,

Just a brief update on the arrangements for the Oral examinations, Music Practicals and LCA Tasks.

If you selected to take the written exam in Irish, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and or Music you will be scheduled to do the oral/practical component over the Easter holidays.

  • Irish Orals will take place on Monday coming 29th March
  • Russian and Japanese on Tuesday 30th March
  • French, German, Spanish orals Wednesday 31st March
  • Music Practicals Thursday 8th of April
  • LCA Task Examiners Thursday 8th April - Students DO NOT need to attend

  • Students will be given the days and times for their oral and practical examinations today.
  • It is very important that students attend at their scheduled time and they should arrange to leave the school as soon as the examination is over.
  • All health and safety measures will be in place- There will be a perspex screen and a distance of 2 metres between student and interviewer. Students and interviewers are required to wear masks.
  • Only the Naas Town Link bus will be running over Easter.
  • Please note that our teachers will be interviewing and recording the orals. They will not be marking them. Audio files will be sent to the SEC for correction.

We have been notified that the written LCVP exam will take place on Saturday 8th of May. We will share updates with you as we receive them.

Finally, as we have said before we will continue to do everything possible to support all of our 6th year students during this time. It is worth noting that all of your teachers have made themselves available over the Easter holidays to conduct the oral interviews and Music practicals with their own students. This is yet another measure of their commitment to you and their desire to ensure the best possible outcomes for you as we go through this process.

We wish you well and will keep in touch with updates as we receive them.

Kind regards,

Caroline Herity


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