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Letter from Principal 26/03/2021

Letter from Principal 26/03/2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

As this most unusual term draws to a close I hope this finds you all well.

We have by now completed the third phase of reopening the school building for in person teaching and learning with the successful return of our ASD Outreach class, 6th year students and two weeks ago our 5th year students.

We are really looking forward to the safe return of the rest of the school community after the Easter holidays on the 12th of April.

The following is an outline of our plan to reopen the school fully and as safely as possible. We ask you to take some time with your son/daughter before the 12th of April to discuss the contents of this email with them.

We will be seeking the utmost compliance from all students on return for the health and safety of all.

Prior to their return, all students, who have not already done so, are required to submit a Return to School Form stating they are well and do not have Covid19 symptoms and have not been advised to restrict their movements. This form will issue to parents of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY students during the second week of holidays.

We would also remind parents that if a student has been out of the country they should not under any circumstances attend school until 14 days has passed.

We have reviewed all of our health and safety procedures again to ensure everything is as safe as possible for the entire school community when we reopen fully. We are conscious that with new variants of Covid 19 in circulation we must be even more vigilant than before.

In August we would have advised that all students have a ziploc with their own hand sanitiser, tissues and wipes. Again, we would say this is good practice.

We have enhanced hand sanitising facilities at the entrance to the school and ask that all students prioritise using hand sanitiser on entry to the building.

We will continue to have a supply of disposable masks for those who do not have one and will also have washable school crested masks for all students.

We will be prioritising the correct wearing of masks at all times. The only exception will be when a student is eating. We are asking everyone to sit down while eating and not to walk around with face masks down.

During breaks physical distance must be maintained, even while outdoors.

We recognise and encourage the importance of getting exercise and fresh air throughout the day. For the final term we will be making the Astro pitches available to students from TY to 6th year at lunch time. Years 1 to 3 will have access to the main pitch. The basketball courts will remain closed for now following a risk assessment.

Registration will resume for all classes on the 12th of April, so students are encouraged to spread throughout the building and move towards their registration area on arrival in the school in the morning.

We remind all students that breakfast is available without charge to every student in the canteen from 8.15am in the mornings.

Following the most recent risk assessment the importance of following the one way system was highlighted. We are asking everyone to strictly follow this system after registration and classes 1,3,and 5. We will trial this for a time to judge its effectiveness.

We are also making a slight change to breaks and end of day times. Years 1 to TY will be released 5 minutes before the bell at break, lunch and the end of the day. Years 5 and 6 will remain in class until the bell and will return to class after breaks when the bell rings.

Our priority is getting the school fully open on the 12th of April and keeping it open until the end of May. You can help us to achieve this in a very practical way by ensuring young people are not congregating or socialising in groups and are following Public Health Guidelines over the holidays. If even a proportion of our students are not complying it puts all of us at risk and makes keeping the school open in an ongoing pandemic even more challenging.

We ask that all students wear full and correct uniform with pride. Please note that students may wear a white school crested polo shirt during the Summer term. Any other tee shirts are not acceptable. A reminder also that track suits should only be worn on PE days and only a school crested polo shirt and black tracksuit bottoms are acceptable.

May I take the opportunity to thank students, teachers and parents for their dedication and hard work this term. The recent Wellbeing Day was a great success and an indication of the great energy and enthusiasm of students and teachers alike.

For now, I wish you all well and remind you that we may be contacted at info@phcol.ie and on 045 897885.

Kind regards,

Caroline Herity


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