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Letter from the Principal 08/01/21

Letter from the Principal 08/01/21

Dear Parent /Guardian,

Happy New Year, I hope this finds you and your families well.

As you know by now the rapidly changing and very serious Public Health situation has resulted in schools moving to online teaching and learning from next Monday the 11th of January.

While this is not where we would like to be and our preference is always for in school, face to face teaching and learning, we have been preparing for the current situation. We have a plan ready to go that will ensure teaching and learning can go online effectively and immediately. We are sharing that plan with you, attached to this email,so that you can be clear on what will happen and continue to support your son/ daughter in their learning.

Having listened to your feedback following the last time we had online learning, and having learned ourselves from the process, we will be prioritising live online classes using Zoom and ensuring the allocation of school work is spaced so that students do not feel overwhelmed.

We have also asked teachers to share a plan for the week ahead with their class groups so that students can put it in their journal and this should ensure they are very clear on when live online classes are scheduled.

Please note that all the layers of support we had in place during the last period of remote learning will continue. This includes, Guidance and Counselling, Check and Connect, Subject Support, Tutor and Year Head support, Home School Liaison and Behaviour for Learning.

For our 3rd year students, the Mock will have to be delayed. Possibly until after MidTerm but we will keep you updated. The most important thing is for students to continue to keep up to date with classwork, CBAs and project work. If you have any concerns please let the class teacher know.

We are particularly conscious that this is yet another challenge for our 1st year students in their transition to 2nd level and Ms. Harkin will be in contact to outline how we can best support you in the weeks ahead.

This year more than ever our time for school planning and Continuous Professional Development is essential as we strive to improve the learning experience of all our learners. Consequently, we are going ahead with the teacher planning day we had scheduled for Wednesday the 13th. On this day student work will be posted on Google Classroom and teachers will check back in on Thursday the 14th.

Our plan for next week is as follows:

Students may collect books and materials from lockers at the times outlined below on Monday. Please follow all Public Health Guidelines, wear a mask, enter through the main door and exit through the Music Room door. Please be patient, we will be there to assist you.

Monday 11th Staff Meeting 9-10am

Classes for students from 10am.

Times for students to collect books/ class materials etc

- 10am - 11am 5th and 6th Year students

- 11am - 12pm 3rd and TY students

- 12pm - 1pm 1st and 2nd Year students

Wednesday 13th School Planning Day for all teachers. Student work for the day will be

Posted on Google Classroom

As ever, your support over the next few weeks is greatly appreciated. If you have specific concerns or if there is anything you think we should know that would impact on your child's learning, please let us know.

Brigid and Anna may be contacted at 045 897885 or email to info@phcol.ie and your queries can be passed on to the relevant person.

For now, following Public Health guidelines is essential. By staying home and limiting our social contacts we can all help bring the numbers down to a level that will allow for the safe reopening of schools. Please keep your contact group small, encourage your young people to meet friends online for now and stay safe. We have done this before and we can do it again. As teachers we feel better equipped to cope this time and hopefully it will be for a much shorter time period.

We will keep you updated at all times and for now wish you and your family well.

Kind Regards,

Caroline Herity


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