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Letter from the Principal 19/03/2021

Letter from the Principal 19/03/2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As another week draws to a close we hope this finds you and your family well.

We were delighted to welcome the 5th year students back to in school teaching and learning last Monday. They joined with the 6th years and seem happy to be back, engaging with teaching and learning and seeing their friends again.

Again, we remind all students who are in school to observe all public health and safety guidelines at all times. This is essential to ensure the continued safe reopening of schools and will allow us welcome years 1 to 4 back to school after Easter.

During the phased return period some teachers, due to personal circumstances, continue to work from home. Essentially this means some 5th and 6th year classes have a substitute teacher in the classroom with them while the teacher teaches remotely. We ask you to bear with us on this. Our main objective is to ensure students continue to be taught by their teacher even if they are not present in the classroom. Logistically this is challenging but we are doing our very best to make it work. We await updated guidance from the Department of Education on how this will operate once there is a full return of all students after Easter.

We encourage students working from home to continue working with their teachers to the best of their ability so that they can look forward to the break and the return to in school teaching and learning in April.

We also encourage 3rd years to continue to work with their teachers as we finalise arrangements for the end of year assessment that will contribute to their school generated JCPA in June.

Our Leaving Certificate students have at this point registered through the online portal for their Accredited Grades, and for those doing written exams, the orals and Music practicals will take place in school over the Easter holidays.

Days and times will be shared with students early next week. Please check with your son or daughter that they have let their Irish, French,Spanish,German, Music teacher know that they plan to do the written exam. We don’t have that information back yet from the SEC and as we draw up lists for orals we want to ensure everyone is included. It is important too that any student who entered to do the orals but has changed their mind should let us know immediately.

We are very aware that 6th years who have signed up for Accredited Grades and written exams in June will need to try to manage their workload and avoid overload. As parents and guardians please keep in touch with us on this. It is a long time to the end of June and the workload must be sustainable. There are many students in the year who are anxious and working very hard. Please continue to encourage school/life balance and please contact us if we can help in any way.

Online Gaelic training continues with Mr McGarvey and we encourage students to participate. Next Wednesday the 24th of March we are planning a whole school wellbeing day and we encourage all students to get involved in the many activities planned. Further details will be shared beforehand.

For now, I hope you remain safe and well and I remind you that we may be contacted at info@phcol.ie or 045 897885.

All good wishes,

Caroline Herity


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