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Piper’s Hill Ethos

Piper’s Hill Ethos

This year Piper’s Hill College is exploring our Ethos. This is part of a broader national initiative involving all ETBs. Ethos is the “lived experience” and is fundamental to all we do. Ethos is our way of thinking and being, it is who we are and what we do.

While it encompasses the curriculum and how it is taught, ethos is broader than this. It also relates to shared core values, to the hidden curriculum, to decision making processes and to the relationships that underpin the daily life of school.

All ETB schools are State, Co-Educational, and Multi-Denominational. ETB ethos is underpinned by the core values of Excellence in Education, Care, Respect, Equality and Community. This year schools are putting in place measures to examine their own policies and practices and ensure that these are aligned with ETBI core values.

Staff and students are now developing their unique identity in line with our core values. At Piper’s Hill we believe education must strive to open new dimensions by fostering a shared system of norms, values, traditions and folkways to build strong positive culture and improve learner performance.

To spread our message we will be organising many activities, talks and presentations. We would love for all staff, students and parents to get involved and join us on this journey. Details to follow.

May 26
Summer Tests 1st -5th Years
May 30
TY Work Experience
Link Modules Written Examination The written examination in this subject takes place on Wednesday 4th May (10.00 – 12.30). Students should attend as normal in full uniform for tutorial at 8.52.
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