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Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

LCVP is a senior cycle programme designed to give a strong vocational dimension to the Leaving Certificate. The aim of the LCVP is to prepare students for adult life by ensuring they are educated in the widest sense possible. It will help students to develop the ability to cope and thrive in a
work environment of rapid change. The programme gears students towards self-directed learning, being innovative and enterprising and acquiring attitudes and skills appropriate to the world of work.

LCVP students follow the Leaving Certificate curriculum as usual. In addition two Link Modules are completed.

The eligibility of students for LCVP is determined by the requirements below:

Students must:

  1. Take a minimum of five Leaving Certificate subjects, including Irish (unless exempt)
  2. Follow a recognised Modern European Language (If a student is not doing a MFL they can attend a cultural studies class once a week to qualify
  3. Study two Link Modules- Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education

Link Modules

The module is divided into four units:
1. Introduction to Working Life
2. Job-seeking Skills
3. Career Investigation
4. Work Placement
The module is divided into four units:
1. Enterprise Skills
2. Local Business Enterprises
3. Local Voluntary Organisations/Community Enterprises
4. An Enterprise Activity

Assessment & Certification of the LCVP
Students produce a Portfolio of Coursework over the two years (60%) and complete an Exam (40%).

In addition to their other Leaving Certificate results, students will receive an additional statement of results for the LCVP. The grades are as follows:

Grade % CAO Points
Distinction 80% - 100% 66
Merit 65% - 79% 46
Pass 50% - 64% 28

LCVP Coodinator: Mr. Michael Foley

Programmes Coordinator: Mr. Michael Foley

LCVP Overview

Important Information about LCVP

LCVP Promotional Leaflet

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