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Restorative Practice

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The giraffe is the restorative animal because because of its long neck and large heart, symbolising its ability to see all around and be compassionate.

In this School, we strive to encourage a restorative environment with our staff, students and community. Restorative Practice (RP), a philosophy and skill set that focuses on building a sense of community and managing conflict by modelling positive behaviour. Restorative Practice can be employed in any relationship, and in any setting, to help people empathise with others, reflect on solutions and work out routes to them. In schools, it can support pupil teacher relationships, behaviour management and conflict resolution.

The 6 Restorative ‘Questions’

1: What happened?

2: What were you thinking at the time?

3: What have you thought about since?

4: Who has been affected and in what way?

5: How could things have been done differently?

6: What do you think needs to happen next?

Restorative Practice is a set of principles and practices that encourage students to take responsibility for their behaviour by thinking through the causes and consequences

R: Respect

E: Empathy


P: Personal Accountability.

E: Equality

C: Community

T: Trust

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