Piper's Hill College

Board of Management

Board of Management 2020/2021


Mr. Jeff Eldridge

Secretary to the Board

Ms. Caroline Herity

Staff Nominee

Ms. Joy Coleman

Staff Nominee

Mr. Chris Brennan

Parent Nominee

Ms. Sarah Barry

Parent Nominee

Mr. Colin Burke

Board Member

Cllr. Evie Sammon

Board Member

Cllr. Colm Kenny

Board Member

Mr. Joe Howell

Board Member

Mr. Dave Cahill

Minutes of the Board of Management

BOM Minutes 8th September 2020

BOM Minutes 05th November 2020

BOM Minutes 10th December 2020

BOM Minutes 11th February 2021

BOM Minutes 25th March 2021

BOM Minutes 13th May 2021

BOM Minutes 14th September 2021

BOM Minutes 06th October 2021

BOM Minutes 09th December 2021

BOM Minutes 03rd February 2022

BOM Minutes 24th March 2022

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