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Encourage your child to join the local library such as Naas Library (see Kildare County Library and Arts Service - Naas Library for more details) Use your child's interests or hobbies to raise awareness of numeracy e.g. sports (measuring pitch size, league tables, keeping score etc.)
Encourage all types of reading and try to provide newspapers, magazines and books for your child to read at home (you might like to provide some material based on their areas of interest or hobbies e.g. football magazines). To enhance time-keeping skills. encourage your child to keep a timetable for activities, school, homework etc.
Encourage your child to engage in literacy activities such as: word searches, crosswords, online literacy games or literacy apps. Encourage numeracy related activities such as Sudoku, online numeracy games, numeracy apps.
Encourage your child to use a dictionary or thesaurus whether online or in book format. Have a calculator in the home and encourage your child to use it for working out every-day numeracy questions.
Childrens Books Ireland – Childrens Books Ireland provides excellent advice for choosing age appropriate books. Involve your child in every day number-based decisions e.g. a simple budget sheet for pocket money, grocery shopping budgets etc.
Websites such as Have You Got Maths Eyes and www.maths-games.org can be used to find maths games that promote basic numeracy skills.
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