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Settling into PHCOL

Things students find difficult!

  • The number of teachers
  • Managing a locker and key
  • Finding their way around school (we have TY students helping each class for the first month)
  • Bringing their ipad, copies and equipment to class
  • Following a timetable
  • A longer school day. They will be tired!
  • All the different subjects
  • Week-end Homework

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Encourage your son/daughter to make a good start
  • Talk to them about school and how they are getting on
  • Encourage them to behave well
  • Set a regular time for homework. Show interest in work done. Praise good work.
  • Encourage them to attempt work they find difficult, and ask the teacher to explain it again the next day
  • Check and sign the journal weekly, and talk to your son/daughter about comments in it
  • Get to know the tutor, year head, guidance counsellor, home school community liaison teacher
  • Make an appointment to meet the Year Head if you have any concerns
  • Practical help to get students off to a good start
    • fixed time for getting up
    • have a good breakfast
    • bring enough packed lunch – it’s a long day
  • Encourage an early regular bedtime, first years need sleep!
  • Clearly label all items of uniform
  • Leave the mobile phones at home
  • Encourage involvement in hobbies and sport
  • Consider joining the Parents Association – its a great way to keep in touch with school life
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TY Work Experience (2)
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Leaving Certificate Graduation
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