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Student Council

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Who We Are

The school community that is made up of stakeholders. These stakeholders include faculty, leadership, Parent’s Associations, the Board of Management, etc. One of the most important stakeholders, however, are the students themselves. One of the ways in which students can use their voice as a stakeholder by joining the Student Council.

The Piper’s Hill College Student Council provides an opportunity for students to have an input into matters that affect them. The main aim of the Student Council is to give students a voice in school matters and to foster a spirit of active participation in the school environment.

The Student Council comprises of three main bodies:

  • Council Members
  • Elected Officers
  • Liaison Teachers

Council members are the student representatives of each year group that sit on the council. Every year, the council will elect officers to help lead and co-ordinate the council.

Elected Officers for 2021-22

President - Nicole McFadden

Vice-President - Conor Murphy

Secretary - Sage Cullen

Treasurer - Eben Abraham

Communications Officer - Alex Brady

Inclusion Officer - Mikaela O’hAlmhain

Well being Officer - Naoise Valentine

Sustainabilty Officer - Raighnid Fagan

What We Do

The Student Council works on a day-to-day basis to ensure student voice within the school is listened to and respected. The Council has existed within the school environment for many years, and has been behind many projects and initiatives, boosting both student voice and welfare.

The Student Council is also a proud member of the Irish Second-Level Students Union (ISSU).

The ISSU operates as the national umbrella body for all student councils across Ireland. The ISSU actively promotes the work of the Piper’s Hill Student Council through our membership and support with the union. We encourage all students within the school community to further get involved with the union by joining the Student Council and liaising with our ISSU School Representative.

Matthew Morrin,

Student Council Vice-President,

Former ISSU Kildare/Wicklow Regional Officer

How to Get Involved

At the start of each academic year, any student may put themselves forward to join the Student Council.

The Student Council has a minimum of two students from each year group who sit on the council. Applicants are invited to fill out an application form, and an interview process may take place.

Any number of students will be invited onto the Student Council every year, as per demand and space.

How to Contact the Student Council

If you have any questions, concerns or queries, feel free to email studentcouncil@phcol.ie.
Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland
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