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Transition Year Programme

Transition Year Programme
  • Transition Year is an optional one year school programme between Junior and Senior Cycle. In Piper's Hill College our transition year programme is designed to act as a bridge between the two by facilitating the smooth transition from the dependent style learning of the Junior Certificate to the more self –directed learning style required for the Leaving Certificate.
  • TY has a very high uptake (80-90%) in Piper's Hill College. Eligibility for TY is subject to an interview and a good record of attendance, effort & behaviour in Junior Cycle
  • TY encourages students to take a greater responsibility for their own learning and decision making and it offers educational experiences where students can discover/develop their own individual talents and abilities. It is an exciting year of personal development through self-directed learning as well as a continuance of core curricular subjects in the classroom.
  • Students gain valuable experience in the workplace during this year and begin career planning for the future.
  • Students foster responsibility through participation in programmes like the Gaisce awards, 1-2-1 digital, the LIFT programme, Build-a bank and the Mentoring programme.
  • Some highlights of transition year are the trips to Carlingford adventure centre, Mondello, the Zoo and Tayto park.
  • Students also get the opportunity to study and have a comprehensive taste of all Leaving Certificate subjects, which equips them with the knowledge to make the right informed subject choices for Senior Cycle.

For regular TY updates please access the TY 2020-21 Blog at https://phcoltyblog.weebly.com/

TY Coordinator: Mr. Michael Foley

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Mar 11
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Mar 15
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Mar 15
1st Year 2021 Subject Choice Webinar 7pm
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