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Why choose Piper's Hill College?

Why is Piper's Hill College Different?

Wrap Around Student Supports

The wellbeing of our students is as important as their progress and we believe each is essential to the other. We have many supports in place to ensure student wellbeing and progression including;

  • Tutor & Year Head support system
  • Mentoring Programme for first years
  • 3 Career Guidance Counsellors – Educational, Personal & Career guidance
  • 1 Counsellor – personal counselling
  • Home School Community Liaison Teacher
  • Homework Club
  • Supervised Study
  • ASD Outreach Unit including a sensory room to meet the needs of students with Autism and facilitate their participation in mainstream education where possible
  • AEN - Piper’s Hill is highly regarded in meeting the needs of students with Additional Educational Needs
  • Prefects
  • Student Council
  • Check & Connect Programme
  • Behaviour for Learning Teacher (BFL)
It is Co-Educational

We believe that boys and girls should be educated together and that they should have equal opportunities in life. We firmly believe life is about relationships and we put a great emphasis on the importance of building healthy relationships both in education and friendships.

It is Comprehensive

Our school has the broadest possible range of subjects and programmes. We are aware that young adults in the future will require a far wider range of skills to survive in what will be a very competitive world. We, therefore, ensure that our students are given every opportunity to study a vast number of subjects in numerous programmes.

It is Multi-Denominational

We foster equality and respect. We embrace diversity and uniqueness. We cater for students from a variety of or no religious background. Regardless of their own beliefs, students learn to value and appreciate the beliefs of others.

Class Size

Class sizes are kept small wherever possible. This enables our teaching staff to give more of their time to students on an individual basis which has a very positive impact on examination results.


'My name is Sara, I joined Pipers this year. I’m a 16 year old Mexican girl that came from Dubai to Ireland. My entire life I’ve been constantly changing schools, moving places. This made me change my personality and I felt like an outcast, the odd one out, no matter where I went. When I got here I thought this was just another school I would eventually leave without regret or any emotional attachment. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. This year I’ve had the amazing honor to meet the kindest, funniest, honest people I’ve ever known. I’m not only talking about my friends, but also my classmates and teachers.

I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you:

  • Thank you for trusting me to tell me very important and personal things for you.
  • Thank you for teaching me more than I could’ve asked for.
  • Thank you for showing me different ways in which you see the world.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • Thank you for including me.
  • Thank you for making me feel that I belong.' Sara (TY Student 2022)

'Apart from academics, the wide range of activities undertaken and actively promoted in Piper's Hill College is truly commendable. To recognise interest/inclination in students and then getting them to pursue those with sincerity and commitment is a job that each one of you does so very passionately. This is surely the reason why my son and students like him have been able to enjoy engaging in activities as diverse as Sports, Fine arts/Music/Drama, Science exhibitions, Tours, Debating etc, in addition to the regular academic curriculum' Asha & Murali Krishnan (Parents).

'For all of you who taught Liam or helped him in any way, for all the extra classes and study after school, for all his extra learning support, for his career guidance right up to the very end, for his countless trips to the first aid room, we would like to thank you all very much' Grainne & Martin McGovern (Parents)

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